Posted on December 19, 2018 by Kate Halsall

With the build up to Christmas comes the extra calories that need to be accounted for if you’re looking to stay on track over the festive period. The biggest issue that fitness fanatics face over the festive period (apart from trying to resist 2nd and 3rd helpings of Christmas dinner), is that gyms are on reduced hours or even worse – are closed! Whist it is great to take some time off training to let your body rest, there are things you can do to keep your body ticking over. And anyway, who needs a gym when you have your own (slightly increased) bodyweight to work with! Give this Christmas bodyweight blast a go to ramp up your metabolism and burn off those mincepies.

Warmup aka Christmas Cardio!

During the holidays, you can easily add cardio by going on a family walk. Dogs are also a great excuse for extra cardio, so treat them to a big long hike or some sprints!

The Workout

We’re keeping it nice and simple with 20 reps of each exercise. Repeat this circuit 2-3 times or as required to get a sweat on!

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Press ups
  4. Tricep Dips off a chair
  5. Crunches
  6. Leg Raises
  7. Burpees


Have fun and have a great Christmas!