Posted on June 30, 2020 by Jenny Cromack

From chatting to people about their experience of exercise during lockdown I get the feeling that people may fall into two camps….

  1. Those who have had more time on their hands and have relished the opportunity to become more active and do more exercise.
  2. Those who have had to endure the nightmare of juggling home-schooling, working from home, making sure their families are fed & watered, etc, etc and due to this exercise may have, understandably, slipped down the priority list.

If the latter is you and you feel like you’re ready to start doing more exercise to shift a few pounds you may have gained (and if you have done then don’t beat yourself up about it… throws curve balls our way every so often, and we all have a ‘wobble’ , it’s only natural) then give this fat burning circuit a go. Be realistic with how many times per week you can fit it in, perhaps start with twice per week and then build up if you can.

This fat burning circuit only takes 30 minutes to complete. We’re looking for minimal rest between exercises to keep the intensity high, definitely no more than 30 seconds. If you’ve had a bit of a break from training due to the lockdown then as your fitness levels return to your glory days start to decrease your rest time.

Are we ready?! (I feel like saying Gladiators ready…for those of you who remember it from the 90s!)

Warm Up:

a. Arm Circles x 8 each direction

b. Walkouts x 5

c. Reverse Lunges x 12

d. Glute Bridges x 12

Fat Burning Circuit:

We’re going to start with a tabata to really get the heart rate up, perform each of the exercises for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest for 2 sets each (so the tabata takes 4 minutes)

a. Burpees (I promise they do not feature anywhere else)

b. Squat Jumps

c. Mountain Climbers

d. Star Jumps

After the tabata, complete the following circuit of 8 exercises for 3 rounds. I’ve focused on body weight exercises but if you do have any equipment at home use it where you can.

a. Squats x 15

b. Press Ups x 15

c. Cardio exercise of your choice x 30 seconds….high knees, star jumps, jump lunges, step ups, etc.

d. Walking Lunges x 20

e. Shoulder Taps x 8 each side

f. Cardio exercise of your choice x 30 seconds

g. Plank x 30 seconds

Cool Down:

Finish the workout with some stretches for the quads, hamstrings, chest and back and hold each stretch for 15 seconds.

If you need some help in getting back on track with your training then whilst the gym is closed we are offering online personal training and have recently released our new Kickstart programme.