Julie’s Do It In 12 Story – 1 Week To Go!

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Posted on April 21, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

Our Do It In 12 personal training programme has had some amazing results, and I am delighted to say my first Do It In 12 client has only enhanced the programme’s success stories.

When Julie first came to the gym she was noticeably uneasy and it was clear to see that she had never stepped foot in a gym before. Julie’s main goal was to feel healthier and become much more active throughout her week, as well as this we agreed to come up with a few objective goals, the main one being losing a stone in 12 weeks.

Julies first measurements:
Blood pressure – 141/92
Weight (kg) – 84
Waist (cm) – 104
Hips (cm) – 115
Lower abdominals (cm) – 110

One of the first factors we looked at together was her nutrition, no matter how good your training is, it is impossible to make any substantial weight loss with a bad diet. We agreed to limit carbohydrate intake to only 35% of her total macro-nutrients. Although a difficult change to make Julie has gone from strength to strength with her food and now needs very little help from myself, her food is immaculate and I think she would be the first to admit it is right up there with the biggest reason she is doing so well.

Again, I think Julie would be the first to admit, that she took a week or two to fully grasp some of the more complex movement patterns in her training regime, such as the squat, press, lunge and deadlifts. Since those first 2 weeks her improvement has been exponential, and unfortunately, I can take very little credit for this she took it upon herself to practice all these movement patterns in her own time (secret squatting as I like to call it).

Now drawing to the end of the 12 weeks her technique is quite literally up there with the best out of all my clients. We are even getting into the territory of overhead lunges and heavy barbell back squats (40kg × 12 × 4), something that if I had mentioned to Julie in the first session she would have literally laughed in my face about.

As we are currently 3 days away from Julies last training session I think it would be unfair to share her results and photos quite yet, but all I will say is, Julie has worked extremely hard so far and she deserves all the fantastic results she is achieving.

Massive well done Julie It is a pleasure to train you, keep it up!
Stay tuned…

And here it is – her final results!


Blood pressure – 119/82
Weight (kg) – 77 – Total weight loss of 7kg or 1stone
Waist (cm) – 81 – Total loss of 23 cm
Hips (cm) – 109 – Total loss of 6cm
Lower abdominals (cm) – 90 – Total loss of 20cm