Posted on May 08, 2019 by Jenny Cromack

Whether you’re going for that match winning free kick, breaking through a ruck or jumping a particularly large puddle on a Sunday walk, we could all benefit from some extra power in the lower limbs. Power is defined as the result of strength x speed so essentially it all comes down to how quickly you generate a large amount of force. If you’re looking to ramp up your horsepower on the pitch, give this lower body power workout a try.

The workout

With all the exercises go as heavy as you can go safely whilst still being able to perform the moves explosively.

A1) 1/4 squat into a jump with a barbell 4 x 5 – remember to return back into a shallow squat after the jump to absorb the force from the ground.

A2) Box jump from a seated position 4 x 5

B1) Barbell clean 4 x 3

B2) Alternating jumping lunges 4 x 6 each leg

C1) Across the body landmine torso rotations 4 x 6 each side

C2) Hanging leg raises 4 x 10 – toes as close to the bar as possible


If power is your thing, why not try this plyometric power workout too.

Happy lifting,