Posted on July 03, 2019 by Emily Forbes

July 12th marks the date for National Simplicity Day so why not try a simplicity challenge? The national day was founded in honour of the poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau who was an advocate of simple living. And you all know I’m a fan of the simple life; TV, house, new clothes, nah, don’t need it mate! My approach to health is as a whole, the physical as well as mental and emotional.

This is the idea behind simple living, you don’t need “things” to create happiness. With less stuff, you gain the opportunity to sit with yourself and the world around you. We live in such a fast-paced environment now we barely have time to breathe. And technology is taking over. Every time we hear the phone ping we get an agitation until we can look at who it was. Worried more about how many “likes” we get on social media than real-life relationships.

The Simplicity Challenge:

  • For one day can you go with no technology? The 12th falls on a Friday so may not work for people at work but can you pick one day over the weekend to try it? Turn off all phones, computers, TV and music? We spend so many hours glued to the screen (she says as she writes this blog on her laptop) (and way more than we think) you might suddenly find yourself bored with the extra hours you find you have in the day. But isn’t that what you’re always asking for? More time?
  • The new silence might be discomforting but can you find the comfort in it?
  • Go for a walk and listen to nature. Try some meditation. Practice self-care. Have a day of family bonding and activities, you don’t need to spend a lot, even baking and board games can be fun. Write a poem. Read a book. Make a daisy-chain. Practice yoga.
  • Mostly enjoy the peace and stillness. The opportunity to find space and breathe.

Relax in simplicity and improve your wellbeing.

Emily x