Posted on July 11, 2019 by Jenny Cromack

It’s officially summer time which can only mean one thing, tight short sleeve shirts for the garden parties and BBQs. Whether you’re raising a glass or a burger, we all want to look a little “swole” to impress on-lookers and earn some ego-boosting compliments. When training for bigger arms it’s important to remember that the triceps at the back takes up around 2/3 of the overall mass so a training ratio of around 2:1 triceps to biceps is optimal for getting the most out of your sessions. Angles are another important thing to take into account as they shift the emphasis onto certain portions of the muscle groups, for example a hammer curl where you have your palms facing each other in neutral places more emphasis upon the long head of the biceps as well as the forearms.

The Workout

A1- Chin ups 4×5

A2- Dips 4×5

B1- Barbell curls 4×8

B2- Lying dumbbell triceps extension 4×8

C1- Rope hammer curls 4×12

C2- Rope pushdown 4×12

D1- Bench dips 4×8

D2- Close grip press ups 4×10

D3- Dumbbell overhead extension 4×12

We start off with chin ups and dips as they are big compound moves. They allow more weight to be lifted through the assistance of other muscle groups so more units are recruited overall. As you can see, as we progress through the workout the rep range gets higher which means you’ll have to reduce the weight to fulfill the target reps. Try this workout if you want to work on your shoulders too!

Happy lifting,