Posted on October 28, 2020 by Jenny Cromack

It’s got to that time of year where, for some, it gets that little bit harder to motivate yourself to get out there for a run. The dark nights/mornings, the colder weather, the rain….it’s enough to put you off! But just because you’re a ‘fair weather’ runner, it doesn’t mean you need to stop running….just take your running indoors to the treadmill and enjoy some treadmill workouts.

I’m a runner, and I’ll be honest with you, I’d rather be outside in the fresh air than on a treadmill. But, sometimes, you will find me on the treadmill in the gym. I find the treadmill great for doing a speed or interval session, but I have to do some form of interval session on there otherwise I get too bored just watching the clock ticking away!

So I thought I’d share some of my treadmill workouts, these sessions are all designed to do in 30-40 minutes and are:

  • time effective
  • great for developing your speed and stamina
  • awesome for developing your cardiovascular fitness
  • great for calorie and fat burning in a short space of time, this is due to the high intensity nature of the session
  • more interesting than ‘just running’ on the treadmill

Warming Up

Begin each session with some mobility and activation work such as leg (hamstring) swings, walkouts, squats, glute bridges and then pop on the treadmill and complete 5-10 minutes of a brisk walk into a light jog.

Treadmill Workout 1 – Hill Sprints

Choose two different inclines, 0-1% for your recovery intervals, then anything from 3%+ depending on your fitness levels for your work intervals.

Work Intervals = 45-60 seconds (depending on your fitness levels), choose a running pace where you are sprinting on the hills.

Recovery Intervals = 60 seconds of either jogging or walking

Repeat x 8-10, depending on time and fitness levels.

Treadmill Workout 2 – Pyramid Hill Sprints

Perform all of your recovery intervals at 0% inclines, jogging or walking for 60 seconds

Work intervals are 45-60 seconds depending on your fitness levels

Start at 3% for 45-60 seconds, then complete your recovery interval. On the next interval add another 0.5%, keep adding 0.5% to each work interval until you have completed x5 intervals, then reduce the work interval by 0.5% each time until you are back at 3%.

Adapt the inclines for your fitness levels and choose a running pace where you are working really hard on the hills.

Treadmill Workout 3 – 2 mins on, 1 min off

Set the incline to 0%-1%

Sprint x 2 mins (choose a pace where by the end of 2 minutes you are ready for your recovery interval)

Recovery Interval x 1 min at a walk or easy jog

Repeat x 5-8 times depending on time available. You will be surprised how far you cover doing this session!

Treadmill Workout 4 – Speed Pyramids

Start at your normal running pace and complete 0.5km at this, then increase by 0.5-1.0kph for the next 0.25km, then by another 0.5-1.0kph for the next 0.25km.

Go back to the 0.5km at your normal running pace and keep ‘looping’ or pyramiding in this way until you have completed your desired distance.

Example – 10kph x 0.5km, 10.5kph x 0.25km, 11kph x 0.25km – Repeat x 5 for a 5km run.

Cool Down

Finish each session with a 5 minute cool down of light jogging or walking and then complete with some stretches with particular focus on the glutes, calves, quads and hamstrings.

Hopefully these treadmill workout ideas will keep you motivated during the Winter months.

Get in touch if we can help with anything else!