Posted on November 03, 2021 by Jenny Cromack

It’s Wednesday and that only means one thing… Workout Wednesday! Today we have a total body blast to share which, will not only get your heart raised, but your muscles on fire (not literally!).

We are going to start with a 5-minute warm up, something that will elevate the heart and increase your temperature along with some dynamic stretches.

For convenience this workout is completed as a circuit and timed for a real quick blast however feel free to add in reps or sets with extra rest!

Round 1

60 seconds each exercise – rest 60sec after all 7 exercises are completed

Round 2

45 Seconds each exercise – rest 45 after all 7 exercises are completed

Round 3

30 seconds each exercise – Finished!

Total time = 17.5 Minutes 

The Exercises:

  1. DB Thrusters (you may know these as a squat press)
  2. Walkout into 2 Press Ups
  3. Alternating Kneeling Get Ups (OUCH!)
  4. Chest to floor Burpee into Tuck jump 
  5. Plank Dips 
  6. 2 Shoulder Tap into 2 Squat Thrusts
  7. Butterfly Sit Ups

Remember to cool down and stretch!