Posted on May 24, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

deck of cards workout

Hi Guys, it’s Louis here with your weekly dose of the Wednesday Workout.

For those of you who come to my classes you’ll know I like to keep things interesting and fresh and last week the dreaded deck of cards came out so this week I thought I’d share a deck of cards workout or two with you.

Deck of Cards Workout  – The Basics

You get a standard deck of cards: 52, 4 suits and 2 jokers.. you know the sort I mean.
The exercise list and workout will vary between which one you’re doing but each card will mean a different exercise so when you draw that card, complete the exercise and rest when you need. Make sure you have the exercise list to hand for quick reference and before start make sure you give the cards a good old shuffle so the exercises are varied and keep you on your toes!

The Original Deck of Cards Workout

Complete for time:

Spades – Squats
Clubs – Lunges
Hearts – Press Ups
Diamonds – Sit Ups

Each value is the amount of reps so Ace=1, 2=2,. Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13
Jokers do not count so make sure you remove them before starting

Louis’ Deck of Cards Workout

Group exercise recommended to for 3+ people and working individually

Spades – Burpees
Clubs – Squats
Hearts – Press Ups
Diamonds – Sit Ups
Reps – multiply by 5 for number cards, all picture cards are 20 of each exercise, Ace is repeat the last exercise and jokers are rest for 2 minutes.

Louis Single Arm Dumbbell Workout

Work for 45s and rest for 15s for 54mins

Pick a relatively light dumbbell and complete all the exercises with that dumbbell for ever exercise you draw.

Ace – DB Squats
2 – OH Sit Ups
3 – Clean and Press (Right)
4 – Clean and Press (Left)
5 – Overhead Squat (Change each 5)
6 – Prone Row (Change each 5)
7 – Press Up (change each side)
8 – Split Squat Curls (change each 5)
9 – Russian Twists
10 – 45 degree Hold
Jack – Arnold Squat to Press (Change each 5)
Queen – DB swings
King – OH Side bends (change each 5 reps)
Joker – Rest 60s

Enjoy the hand you are dealt and have an awesome workout!

Image taken from Pixabay