Posted on October 16, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

So, it is coming up to about a year since, I started working for motive8 North, well I originally started on work experience and then Jenny was mad enough to offer me  job. It’s crazy to think it’s been that long; what a wonderful year I have had here at motive8 North. There are so many reasons I enjoy working as a personal trainer as much as I do. Here are the top 3 reasons that spring to mind.

personal trainer alex motive8 north

1. I’m A Massive Geek!

I love the science-y bits to exercise and movement. The subtle changes I can make to an exercise or a training programme and how it can make all the difference to a client. I also love coaching different movement patterns to clients, it sounds corny, but I do love seeing someone finish a set of 8 and ‘getting it’ for the first time. Then saying something along the lines of ‘wow, I could really feel that set in my core and hamstrings’.
I am sure my clients are sick to death of my going on about a ‘braced trunk’, ‘neutral spine’ or ‘extension of the hips’ but I love making sure exercises and movements are performed well. The further I develop with my internship at Yorkshire County Cricket and the UKSCA Accreditation the more ideas and new philosophies I will learn and apply.

2. The Close Knit Atmosphere & Community

There must be very few gyms where the employees know all of the client on first name basis and have such good ‘banter’ with them on a regular basis (expect Kate – she lacks good chat…). Teaching classes are also great, I can develop as a coach, coaching multiple clients at one time. Also, I can have a laugh with the regulars that attend although sometimes I feel they are more laughing at me than with me! To summarise I don’t think you can imagine working in a nicer environment!

3. Seeing Results For My Personal Training Clients

As a personal trainer, I have a wide variety of clients, all with varying goals and ambitions. I have helped clients lose lots of weight/body fat, athletes at gold medals and national championships, toning up for weddings as well as loads more. The emphasis is on the word ‘helped’, what I do only provides my clients with ideas and plans for how to reach their goals, the satisfaction comes from watching them smash their goals by putting the hard work in for themselves. Keep it up guys and girls, one happy coach here!

I have really enjoyed the first 12 months of working here, hopefully the next 12 months will be equally as enjoyable, god knows how many burpees Richard Kellam will have done by then…!