Posted on January 03, 2019 by Jenny Cromack

Stuck for ideas of what to set yourself for new year’s resolutions?  Here are 5 strength and fitness goal ideas for 2019. They are specific, measurable and achievable goals that you could start working towards.

1) Master the pull-up

One of the classic bodyweight exercises, the pull-up is a great strength to bodyweight ratio test, and an impressive benchmark to hit.  If you’ve yet to hit a single pull up, here’s a guide to get you started.  Alternatively if you can already do a pull up, why not aim to hit a set of 10, or perhaps a 20kg weighted pull-up!


2) Run 10k in under an hour

A great challenge because of it’s simplicity.  You don’t need any fancy kit, just a basic pair of trainers and the will to get outside a rack up the miles (or jump on a treadmill if you prefer).  If you can do this you’ll have a decent base of cardiovascular fitness.  If you’re interested, here’s a guide to get you started.


3) Squat your own bodyweight

The squat is one of the best all round exercises there is.  You’ll build bigger, stronger legs and glutes and well as the ability to brace against heavy loads.  A bodyweight squat is a good benchmark to aim for, and it’s achievable with a few months of regular training.


4) Row 2k in under 8 minutes (8:30 for women)

This is a lovely (actually pretty evil) endurance challenge that will have your legs, back and lungs absolutely burning with fatigue! The challenge is definitely easier if you’re taller or male, so if you’re a shorter female then you might want to adjust your time goal accordingly.  I’ve suggested 8 minutes (or 8 minutes 30 seconds) as good goals to hit because they’re achievable with a few months regular training without having to specialize as a rower.


5) Hold a plank for 2 minutes

One of, if not the simplest, core exercise there is.  You’re holding your body in a straight line, bracing your abs, squeezing your glutes and trying to resist extending through the hips.  2 minutes is a brilliant benchmark to aim for, and is definitely achievable with a few weeks of regular practice.  Plus a strong core will assist you with pretty much every other exercise you do.

There you go, 5 strength and fitness goal ideas for the new year.  Pick your favourite and get cracking with it!