Posted on May 13, 2022 by Courtney Williams

Back and Shoulders, Push and Pull, Flexion and Extension – that’s what you’ll be doing throughout this whole workout. This is the workout of every person dream who wants to build muscle and define them individually. Its efficient, can be quick and you don’t need much rest time.

So first we start with a warm up for 10-15 mins. Although a treadmill or cross-trainer are effective warm up machines (because they increase you BPM), I would like you to consider the Rowing machine. Gets your heart pumping but also warms and mobilises the muscles been targeted (Back and Shoulders). Set the rowing machine to a low resistance, about 4 or 5 -remember – it is only a warm up!

Now we are fully warm and ready to start on our major muscles. Find and select the best weight where 15 repetitions is intermediately achievable. This is so we focus on muscular endurance rather than strength. You may notice the workout plan plays a game of opposites:-

  1. Shoulder Press (Dumbbells or Bar) – 15 reps
  2. Lateral Pull down (wide grip) – 15 reps

Rest for 30 seconds & repeat the above sequence 3 times

  1. Lateral Raises – 10 reps
  2. Front Raises – 10 reps
  3. Reverse Fly – 10 reps

Rest for 30 seconds & repeat the above sequence 3 times

  1. Seated Cable Row -15 reps (Bent over row if at home)
  2. Cable rope straight arm pulldown -15 reps (Using a cable rope above your head on a resistance machine, you pull the rope from above head level and arch down (keeping arms straight) towards your waist).

Rest for 30 seconds & repeat the above sequence 3 times

  1. Bar Upright row – 15 reps (Any comfortable bar, straight, curl etc)
  2. Shrugs – 15 reps

Rest for 20 seconds & repeat the above sequence 3 times

Now we finish off on smaller muscles, which have already been used throughout this workout to support the major one. By this time you should feel a decrease of strength in your supportive muscles. Don’t be fazed, treat this as a burn out because this is where the real growth and definition begins. Keep pushing!

  1. Skull Crusher (Curl Bar or Dumbbells) – 15 reps
  2. Bicep Curl (Bar or Dumbbells) – 15 reps
  3. Triceps Extension (Rope) -15 reps
  4. Hammers (Dumbbells) – 15 reps

Rest for 30 seconds & repeat the above sequence 2 times.

Please do not forget to cool down on a cv machine and stretch the muscles you worked on, which in this case will be shoulders back and arms. I hope you enjoyed my upper torso workout 🙂

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Until next time, keep sweating!