Posted on September 12, 2018 by Kate Halsall

I represented my county at Cross Country Running when I was younger. I know right! With my white legs and bottle green sports “knickers”, I ran. I hated it. I struggled to breathe every time I ran (my asthma hadn’t been diagnosed then) and I was lonely. Running by myself – I hated it. Now a school’s sports day – LOVED that. I ran then too – always the 800 meters; but the competition element, and that you had your team behind you, THAT made it fun. Since then, I have always found myself in group events. Even when I did Canoe Slalom, I was part of a canoe club (and at one stage paddled a C2 with a partner!). My gym activity has always been class based. I became a personal trainer to provide people someone to train with. So when I think about what fitness means to me – it’s a group thing! Here are some great benefits of group training:

Benefits of Training With a Friend

  • I used to do exercise DVDs with my friend in her living room. Not only did it mean that we definitely had the workout as it gave us accountability, but it also didn’t matter if we got it wrong, needed to have a break because we were knackered, or sang along to the music (they were generally Cher exercise dvds – not sorry); we had nothing to prove to anyone or any reason to be embarrassed!
  • Last year when I did my first Sportive, I did the distance by myself and found it hard to keep motivated. This year I dragged a friend with me and had a much better experience!
  • In fact, now when I meet a friend to go swimming, we push each other to do extra lengths. We recover (in the jacuzzi and steam room) together. To be fair, we’re probably in the gym altogether longer – albeit perhaps not working out!
  • Even now, I’m more likely to go and take part in something new if someone comes with me!

Benefits of Group Training i.e. more than 2 people!

  • I like to have fun when I do any exercise. The sense of camaraderie you get from training with a group of people, for me personally, cannot be beaten. It’s the banter and support that keeps everyone enthusiastic and motivated.
  • When I first started out on my fitness journey, there was definitely a competitive edge to it. I was tournaments competing for medals or promotion. These days I’m more than happy to opt for friendly competition to spur me on!
  • Some of my group of close friends are people I didn’t know before I started going to and teaching classes. It really is great for socialising!
  • It’s also that feeling of being part of something bigger than just you. Belonging to something. I like that!


If you want to experience any of these benefits of group training, why not join one of our classes – you’re first one is free!

Fitness means something different to everyone. As we take part in events leading up to and including National Fitness Day, we’ve been asking people what fitness means to them. What do it mean to you? Let us know and tag in #FITNESS2ME