Posted on March 20, 2019 by Kate Halsall

I had a choice of 3 workouts to post today. Now that we have introduced “WOW” (Workout Of the Week) in the gym, I have got lots of ideas! I’ve tried to reign it in don’t worry! Today, I have gone back to basics – and why not, the oldies are always the goodies! So here it is; a straight forward cardio, resistance & core workout. Whilst straight forward it is, it’s not easy – so be ready!


Back to basics means intervals. I’m actually doing a lot of these myself at the moment, so why not share! Pick a piece of cardio equipment: treadmill, rower or bike would be my personal preference. Warm up on said piece of kit for 3 minutes at a sustainable pace. As soon as the clock hits 3 minutes, go for it! As fast as you can for 1 minute. Then take a minute’s rest and repeat the 1 minute full on effort. Do this 3 times in total, so that you’ve completed 9 minutes of cardio work including the warm up).


We’re taking a full body approach, combining exercises and minimising rest to get the most from out workout. Each exercise listed below is done for 1 full minute. You transition straight from one to the next one. It’s only 5 minutes of work so you’ve got this!

  • BB Squat & Press
  • DB Renegade Row
  • DB Curl & Press
  • Press Up
  • KB Swings


Same rules apply – 1 minute each exercise and no rest!

  • Ab Cycles (nothing fancy but I love them)
  • Walking plank
  • Cross Mountain Climbers


And that’s it! Pretty straight forward, but still challenging. Just 17 minutes of work – unless you want to do it more than once of course. If this gets you going, why not try this other version from Emily.