Posted on October 21, 2021 by Emily Forbes

Hey guys! So, here is a cheeky 30 minute circuit you can do for a quick blast. I did it in a lunchtime circuit so all the equipment you need is here at our gym. If you’ve never been here before, remember you can always try the gym or a class as your first time for free.

Anyway, it was a very hot day when we did this, I recommend taking the breaks inside in front of the fan.

It’s basically a pyramid circuit, adding 2 more reps to each exercise every round. Starting with 2, going up to 10. There are 10 exercises

  • Slam balls.
  • KB swings.
  • Barbell push press.
  • Squat jumps.
  • Press ups.
  • Shuttle runs.
  • Tyre hits.
  • Burpees.
  • Jumping lunges or weighted lunges (10 in total).
  • Barbell bent over row.

Round 1, 30 sec. rest. Round 2, 40 sec. Round 3, 50 sec. Round 4, 60 sec. Cool down after round 5. Unless you wanted to reverse and go back down!

Remember to tag us in your workout photos or when you’ve been to the gym @motive8_north