Posted on January 14, 2021 by Kate Halsall

This week I’m taking a slightly different stance with the blog. Let’s face it, it’s not been a great start to the year and of course, as a personal trainer, I could sit here and type out things I think you could use to keep you motivated, or what I’m doing to keep myself motivated. And I’m not just talking about exercise here, I’m talking about everything – getting up and dressed, eating right, going to bed at a sensible time etc. So instead, I have asked one of our motive8 clients, a motive8 gym member and a motive8 class goer, “how do you keep motivated”, and this is what they said.

Lucy B

I find staying motivated to achieve a long term goal challenging enough at the best of times, let alone when the initial enthusiasm and good intentions of the new year wear off. And we won’t even talk about lockdown! For me, breaking up my long term goal into small, simple weekly steps really helps to keep my motivation and momentum going. For instance, adding in another glass of water a day, or another fitness session to the week, and then building on that to replace two portions of carbs with protein, or adding in 5 more minutes of more intensity into each of my sessions, and so on. I find it a lot easier to keep my attention and focus that way and before I know it, I have reset the habits that better support my goals again.


For me personally it’s more about routine and habit than motivation. You can have all the motivation at the beginning but then it will wear off and hopefully what you’re left with is habit and discipline. I make sure to get myself dressed every morning. I’ve been doing yoga every day after work to keep me sane and well after sitting down for hours. I have a training schedule for the week so I know when I’m doing what. I give myself to-do lists (achievable ones) every morning so I feel accomplished by the end of the day. One thing that I’ve found great is to switch my phone off from 9:30pm and just be with my partner and read or watch a movie etc. And go outside every day!


I have put in place a routine to help with my mental wellbeing. This involves walking Frankie the Frenchy on a daily basis whether rain, shine or snow! I generally do this at a time that would have been my commute home from work, as this helps me disconnect from a day’s work in the virtual office. I also like to dust off my boxing gloves and have a few rounds on the punch bag a couple of times a week.

A big thank you to our members for sharing and helping with this blog. Whilst we of course are here to help you, sometimes its nice to hear what other people are doing. And hopefully they may have given you some ideas too (she types as looking up the prices of boxing bags!). If you want to share how you are staying motivated during this lock down please do! Email us at [email protected]