Posted on April 02, 2020 by Jenny Cromack

Making Light Of A “Bad” Situation – How To Tackle The Motivational Dip

Following on from an episode of ‘This Morning’ with the lovely Holly & Phil, one of the greatest questions I have heard so far through this whole pandemic is…’What do you want to achieve out of this?’ It may seem a strange question when so many people are struggling to stay motivated during lockdown.

Often, we resort to thinking the worst out of situations. How we are going to get through it? The impact it has on other areas of your life. What is it stopping you from doing? Rarely we take the positives. Agreed, the negatives MAY outweigh the positives but let’s look at it from a brighter view.

Here are some of the things to think about and keep you motivated and positive during lockdown:

  • The world is restoring itself . When we can get outside again there will be less pollution
  • We get to have a taster of our childhood, we’re often forced to become more imaginative with the things we do.
  • We become grateful for the things we have and even more so for the things we don’t.
  • We get to spend more time with loved ones and become more aware of how much we need them in our lives.
  • The likelihood is you will have more time on your hands, so you now finally have the time to do the things you never found the time to do before.

Make the most of all of the above, but especially the last point. Pre lockdown how often did you sit at work thinking, I’d love to have some time off work, whilst it’s not a great situation why you might not currently be working, you finally have this wish granted so make the most of it!

Going back to the question at the start of the blog ‘what do you want to achieve out of this’….set yourself a goal and do it. If that’s to become a little fitter, more flexible, spend time with your family (virtually) or simply become a better cook, take the positive steps to make this happen.

  • Choose 1-3 goals you want to achieve during lockdown
  • Make sure your goals are realistic to you. Whilst we do have more time on our hands in some respects, we appreciate it can be a bit more full on with home-schooling children, etc
  • Plan the steps need to achieve this – this might require some research
  • Spend a little bit of time each day doing something positive to achieve your goals
  • At the end of each day reflect on what you have achieved. If you’ve taken steps towards achieving your goals you’ll likely go to bed feeling more satisfied and happier than feeling frustrated that you’ve wasted a day.

We finally have the chance to achieve this, become the healthiest we can, and the most content with our lives. Let’s not allow this pandemic get in our way but to help push us along the whole journey!

Let’s make a start, today!