Posted on June 15, 2018 by Kate Halsall

Cardio, the marmite of exercising. As I have recently begun prepping for my first physique competition, I’ve set myself the goal of losing around 12-14 pounds in 16 weeks. Previously I’ve strayed away from cardio and relied solely upon creating a caloric deficit through diet. An approach that I now personally think is slower and doesn’t yield as greater results. So with a new look at the subject, here are my to cardio tips.

Which Modality Is Better?

A question that is frequently asked when regarding cardio for weight loss which modality is better. High intensity interval training is something like sprints with short rests in between. Low intensity steady state cardio includes long bouts of effort, such as incline walking on the treadmill.

Whilst both are great for weight loss, I personally prefer low intensity. I find this easier to track how many calories I’m burning (roughly) and its easier to recover from. This means that you can perform it more often and it shouldn’t affect any resistance training you’re doing. Alternatively, the high intensity training is more time efficient, yields a greater physiological adaptation and helps improve fitness. For me the only downside is that it takes longer to recover from so can’t be done as frequently.

Ultimately, you have to pick which modality suits you better and doesn’t affect any other training or goals that you’re working towards. If it helps, here’s a great blog by Ieuan on Interval vs Steady State cardio.


How To Get Through It!

My top tip for cardio training is to pick a good series on Netflix, stick your headphones on and let your mind drift away from what you’re doing. Watching the time slowly tick by can be slow destroying during low intensity work so taking your mind off it can really help with adhering to cardio. Covering the time with a sticker or paper can help too!