Posted on November 18, 2019 by Emily Forbes

Have you seen the adverts for Sound Bath Meditations hosted by me, Emily, at Motive8 North? Have you thought WTF does that have to do with fitness? Or even WTF is a Sound Bath Meditation? Most of you know that I have a very holistic approach to fitness, or rather wellness. I’m a yoga teacher, massage therapist, sound facilitator as well as a personal trainer. I believe it is important to balance the mind, body and spirit for optimum health. There is no point having a strong body if mentally you are breaking down. And you’re not going to get the best results from training if you never stop to rest.

Still, what does sound baths have to do with this?

Sound baths are a way of us taking the time to stop. It’s a form of relaxing meditation where you are immersed in the sounds of the instruments and vibrational frequencies. This is an opportunity for the mind and body to let go and for the spirit to be lifted. A lot of people struggle to sit in meditation and this is a tool which is accessible and suitable for many.

What to expect in a sound bath.

There are no actual baths involved (sorry)! You are merely bathed in sound whilst lying down on a yoga mat. To ensure a totally relaxing experience; blankets, pillows, bolsters and eye-bags are often used. There are various styles of sound bath, many just being facilitated using a gong. In my sound bath, I use a Tibetan singing bowl which is placed on the body and “sung”. The body is able to directly experience and absorb the deep vibrations created by the bowl. The meditation is layered with vocal toning, singing, guided meditation, gong, chimes, drum and rainstick for a complete sensory journey.

The sciencey bit.

During relaxation, our body’s parasympathetic nervous system kicks in which is our rest and digest mode. Stress hormones reduce, blood pressure and heart rate go down and digestion ramps up. Also, the external sound frequencies alter our brainwaves and states of consciousness. We are able to transition from the beta thinking state to the alpha and theta states where we are able to reach deep relaxation and meditation.¬† The human body is made up of atoms and molecules which all have a vibrational frequency. Music and sound have the ability to bring the body back into vibrational alignment. The research shows that sound therapy can help improve mood, reduce pain,¬†balance both hemispheres of the brain and improve sleep. They can also help to speed recovery from physical wounds/trauma, chronic conditions and illness.

What are you waiting for?

So hopefully your curiosity has now been sparked to at least come and try a sound bath. The good news is, I’m is hosting them regularly in the local area. Keep an eye on Motive8’s Mind Body App, social media and posters in the gym. And if you’re still not sure, our trainer Kate can give you a first-hand testimonial (if you haven’t heard it already lol).

Emily x