Posted on December 24, 2020 by Kate Halsall

Say goodbye to what was 2020 and hellooooo to what can only be a much better 2021! And whilst the new year rolls in with some restrictions, we shouldn’t let that dampen our fitness mojo. So our team of personal trainers have put together their top fitness tips for 2021 to keep you motivated.

Jenny – Use The 10 Minute Rule

There are days we all don’t feel like exercising, even me and I’m definitely exercise mad. But some days you just don’t feel like it….you’ve had a bad day, the kids are doing your head in, you’ve had an argument with your other half, you feel run down… get my drift! On days like this I suggest you put your kit on and tell yourself that you’re just going to do 10 minutes of exercise. I can pretty much guarantee that after 10 minutes, you’ll be feeling better for doing some exercise and you’ll carry on and do a longer training session. If after 10 minutes your hearts not in it then listen to your body….may be you just need a rest and an early night.

Kate – Get Outside And Move More

It seems that working from home might be on the cards for a while longer yet. It’s easy to get up, grab your breakfast and then sit in the same spot all day apart from loo breaks! All this sitting is not good for us! One thing that 2020 certainly did was to encourage people to get outdoors and do some kind of regular exercise. I don’t mean go and run if that’s not your thing, just getting outside and going for a walk (no matter how far) does the system the world of good! It raises the heart rate, gives your body a break from sitting, clears your head, and gives you some fresh air. Try starting your day with a 15 minute walk or make a point to take a lunch break and go for a walk then. Even Zoom and Teams don’t require you to be sat at your desk – have a walking meeting! If you’re making any resolution at all for 2021, make sure it’s “don’t let the weather stop you” so that you make it outside!

Emily – Make A Weekly Add-On/Take-Away List

We know how it goes, every year the same cycle of trying to be the best version of ourselves only to fail before the end of the month. So what can you do to change this? I recommend a weekly add on take away list. For example, in your first week you might try a simple change of adding a daily herbal tea and taking away 1/2/3 coffees a day. You can continue this change into the following weeks but building on it. So maybe week 2 you add in 2 x 30 min walks/workouts and take away 2 x 30 min social media scrolling sessions. By doing it like this you make small but sustainable changes which will be more empowering and encouraging but you’re also making a swap of an unhealthy habit into a positive healthy one and hopefully be able to continue way beyond January.

Beth – Set Meaningful Goals

2020 has taught us that our resilience has the power to shape our own life. The challenges we faced in 2020, and overcome, use them to reflect and make new goals! You may not of had the year you wanted nor any of us expected but like many people see it, new year, fresh start, a new chapter. It may be unpredictable but it’s definitely not a ‘write off’! Your goals should be meaningful and have a purpose because otherwise they probably won’t be achieved! Start small, and plan your goals, use your previous years, especially 2020 to guide you to your new goals or even to just improve your current. Start the year headstrong and full of purpose!

Josh – Improve What You’re Already Doing

The temptation during the new year is to completely overhaul your training, diet and lifestyle. But complete overhauls rarely last very long. Rather than overhauling everything you’re doing, use the new year to improve what you’re already doing by taking baby steps. Changes should be achievable and most importantly, sustainable. If you can’t see yourself continuing with these changes by the end of the next year, they’re not sustainable! For example, if weight loss is your goal, then being active and eating well is essential. And if you’re not already using the gym, aiming for 5 visits a week is probably not sustainable. Aim for two visits and work from there.

A similar approach is sensible when it comes to your diet, rather than cutting your calories to 1000kcal per day, try something more manageable such as increasing your green vegetable & protein intake and reducing any calorie containing drinks. Remember – sustainable is the key word! New Year: Better You.

New year’s motivation is much more than setting resolutions. Our trainers have provided some ideas in this blog which are sustainable, empowering, purposeful and achievable. If you need any help setting your goals, then please just get in touch!