Posted on July 05, 2018 by Jenny Cromack

Top Tips to Prepping for your First Competition

I have recently decided to enter my first body building competition. With only 16 weeks to prepare, I have to ensure I am using my time efficiently. I’m currently 3 weeks in and seeing significant changes already. This blog will discuss the top tips I’ve used to get my competition journey started.

Tip 1: Diet

It is important to track your calories when dieting, I average 2,260 calories a day. You can track your calorie intake by numerous apps available and it’s as easy as scanning the bar code and go. Prepping meals in advance can help you to adhere to your diet plan and reduces the risk of buying food out as its harder to track and you can easily spill over on your calories.

Tip 2: Supplements

Supplements can help to support an athlete’s diet. I currently take 2 protein shakes a day, one in the morning and one after training. There are also various supplements available such as, pre-workout and multivitamins.

Tip 3: Sleep

It is important to achieve 6-8 hours of sleep a night as less than 6 can increase the risk of injury. I have found that a good nights sleep has helped me to focus on my training and food prep.

Tip 4: Social Support

By having friends and family to support you by meal prepping together or finding new exciting healthy recipes to try it can really help you to stay on track. Training with friends also makes it fun and keeps me motivated to go to sessions.


If you have entered a competition like this before and want to share your top tips, please let us know at