Posted on July 21, 2021 by Kate Halsall

With the recent heat wave, it is clear how easy it can be to become dehydrated pretty fast. Whilst staying hydrated is important, keeping up with your water requirements can be challenging! However, becoming dehydrated can result in severe adverse effects, after all it is the most important nutrient and one we cannot survive without. As the subject of this blog suggests, we can stay hydrated with the help of our food! Food supplies a significant proportion of our water requirements, especially in sedentary people. So here’s how to eat your way to hydration.

On average, approximately 20% of water intake is through food alone. Water can be absorbed effectively from the majority of foods and drinks, but the rate of consumption will vary depending on the food composition.

The easiest way to increase water consumption through food is following the recommended guidance of eating up to 7 (yes 7!) portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Not just that, but to base meals around wholegrains and to reduce sugar, salt and high fat contents.

On average, water content is:

· Above 80% in fruits & vegetables (Melon & Cucumber score approx. 95!)

· Between 40-70% in hot meals

· Below 40% in cereals & breads

· Below 10% in snack products

Choosing to eat more fruit and vegetables will not only help keep you hydrated and provide your body with water, but also offer your body the vital nutrients needed for everyday functions. You will increase your vitamin intake, consume a higher number of antioxidants and more than likely decrease your intake of snacks due to the volume of food keeping you satisfied (bonus if the goal is weight loss!). Let’s not forget about the increase in fibre consumption, which also provides many health benefits.

Tips on how to consume your water!

· Freeze fingers or triangles of watermelon with an ice-lolly stick inside to make your frozen snacks!

· Blend fruit to make a fruit smoothie OR pour the mixture into ice cubes / ice-lolly trays to make another hydrating frozen treat.

· Snack on batons of cucumber or carrot with homemade hummus

· Make a rainbow salad! Adding as many colours as possible in there!

· Fruit salads, a perfect refreshing snack.

· Add a side of fruit or veg to every meal

So simply put, increased fruit and vegetables will provide added elements to support, repair and protect your body as well as helping towards hydration levels! What’s not to love about getting in your 7 a day?!

Beth x