Posted on October 29, 2021 by Kate Halsall

Clare has been training with motive8 since 2011. But it’s her dedication to her training – especially throughout lockdown that has resulted in the “member of the month” accolade! We trained together in really tough weather conditions when we couldn’t open the gym – but no matter what, Clare still gives every session 100%. She even gave online PT a try to ensure she stayed on track with her goals – both physically and mentally.

How long have you been training at motive8?

I met with Jenny in 2011 for a consultation and I recall being asked what my aims and goals were – “to lose weight” was the reply, since then Jenny educated me on broader objectives around healthy balanced diet, muscle tone etc. An absolutely revolutionary first meeting when I was in a pretty unhappy place about my physical appearance. Since then I have training every week except for about 8-10 weeks due to having a baby!

Are you training for anything particular at the moment?

Not a specific event no but my training keeps me mentally and physically happy. I have to balance a very busy work life, an increasing return to client lunches, dinners etc (and getting older); my regular PT sessions all help with this.

What is it you enjoy about training with motive8?

Where to start, the dedication of the team and commitment to me as an individual. I cannot say how much my outside PT classes with Kate helped me mentally and physically during lock down, we trained for months in rain, wind and snow! The wider support on food is always essential to keep me focused.

What would be your advice to anyone looking to start their fitness journey?

Be bold be brave and embrace it. Everyone has to start somewhere. 

Clare is a tough cookie and it’s great to see her progression throughout her training sessions. Next stop Total Warrior – right Clare!?