Posted on February 16, 2022 by Emily Forbes

At motive8 you know we love to celebrate our clients and Christine is our new member of the month. What makes me so proud is the dedication our clients have to us and their training, it reminds me that we’re obviously doing something right and delivering our promises to you.

How long have you been training at motive8?

I first started training with motive8 at classes which were held at the residents gym at Saxton which is managed by motive8 about 9 years ago. I’m pretty sure this even included Zumba classes with Kate. Until March 2020, I attended classes with Emily and started PT sessions with Emily after the pandemic derailed my weekly exercise. 

How has the team at motive8 helped you progress towards your goals?

Having trained with Emily at classes and yoga, she was the obvious choice to start PTing with to get me back on track. We talked about what I wanted to achieve and from this she created a plan for me, which we work on each week but also is easy for me to follow when I make it to the gym myself. Emily knows what motivates me, and will always help me identify what my ‘wins’ have been each week and where I can make any other changes, be it extra activity or exercise, or tweaks to my diet. This has really helped me to think about ‘wins’ by myself throughout the week and make wiser choices. 

What is it that you enjoy about training with motive8?

First and foremost it’s obviously the team. I’ve trained mainly with Emily, but had some sessions with Kate too. They’re friendly, motivating and know what they’re doing. My training programme has been created with my goals in mind, and isn’t just ‘off the shelf’. Sessions are always focused and well-planned, but there’s always room for maneuver depending on my energy levels. 

What would be your advice to anyone thinking about starting their fitness journey with motive8?

Do it! It’s a great team who know what they’re doing and put your fitness needs and goals first. PT sessions are tough but I always come away feeling better and stronger!

Emily says…

I love training Christine, she’ll always have a go at whatever I’ve got in store for her, even if it’s through grimacing laughs. As well as keeping her fitness goals on track I think our sessions help Christine to decompress from her work life, the slam ball is good for that! And sometimes in the summer she brings her sisters doggo to sit outside in the sessions! Keep up the hard work Christine.

Emily x

PS. She doesn’t like her picture being taken in the gym.