Posted on October 08, 2018 by Alex Parry

If there’s any single meal that’s gonna get you strong, help you build muscle and help you reach your fitness goals then this is it.  This ‘strong as an ox’ muscle building stir fry recipe is also jammed full of vitamins and minerals and key ingredients to boost your performance in the gym.

So What’s In the ‘Strong As An Oxe’ Stir Fry?

1) A quality protein source:  500g Minced Beef OR 2 chopped Chicken Breasts OR at least 1 full bag of Quorn Chicken-style Pieces

2) Kidney Beans.  Extra protein and carbs, plus a great source of fibre, anti-oxidants, iron and potassium.

3) Cashew Nuts.  Extra protein and fats. Plus Zinc and Magnesium (which help maintain healthy testosterone levels in both men and women)

4) 2 Eggs.  Healthy fats, extra protein, plus zinc and natural creatine.

5) A whole Pepper. An amazing source of vitamin C.

6) Chestnut Mushrooms, 4 or 5 chopped.  These are a good source of vitamin D.

7) 150g Basmati rice.  Yummy carbohydrate goodness for recovery after hard training.

8) 1-2 tablespoons oil (for cooking)

9) A flavour Sauce of your choice.  You could make your own to keep it healthy.

Total Calories: 1500-1800 depending on protein source choice.
Total Protein: 75 – 100g depending on protein source choice.

So this can either be one massive meal or you can split it into 2 decent meals.

Cooking Method

This is one of my favourite recipes because of how simple, easy and quick it is to cook.

Step 1)  Boil plenty of water in a big pan, whilst you wait, chop your veggies.

Step 2)  Add your rice to the big pan, it will take about 10-12 minutes to cook.

Step 3) Whilst your rice is cooking, heat up a wok or frying pan with a little oil and add your protein source.  Cook for 5 minutes so it’s no longer raw.

Step 4) Add your chopped veggies, cashew nuts and kidney beans to your frying pan, cook for a further 4 minutes.

Step 5) Add your choice of stir fry sauce, cook for a minute or 2 then transfer contents of frying pan to a bowl.

Step 6) Drain your rice, add to the frying pan (with some more oil so it doesn’t stick) and leave some room at the side for your 2 eggs.

Step 7) Add your eggs to the gap in the frying pan, let them start cooking just slightly, then mix into the rice and stir for 1-2 minutes.  Boom, easy egg-fried rice.

Step 8) Serve your egg fried rice onto a plate and add your meat and veggie mix.  Enjoy.


Absolutely everything you could need to build muscle, recover from training and get stronger.

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