Posted on March 18, 2020 by Kate Halsall

We’ve just published a blog on why home workouts are great. So here is a home workout for you to try! But this is a stairs workout and I live in an apartment I hear you cry! Don’t worry. If you are stair-less; I’ve got alternatives – it’s like I planned this and everything! #no excuses

Warm Up

Start by walking up and down the stairs and then follow this with powering up and down those stairs as fast as possible (be careful please!). Do this for 3 minutes – it’s harder than you think!

Non-stairs people – walk on the spot for 30 seconds, then start a light jog on the spot for 1 minute before changing to high knees for 1 minute. Then a gentle jog for 30 seconds to bring the heart rate down.

And that’s it – the end. Only joking…read on….

Round 1

Step onto the first step and do one squat. Step onto the second step and do two squats, the third step three squats and so on until you reach the top. Run back down the stairs and repeat x 3. NB I have 14 steps in my house so this is going to be a real leg killer!

Non-step people. Do one lunge each leg followed by one squat (the lunge here is to replace the step). So then you do one lunge each leg and two squats, one lunge each leg and three squats and so on until you reach 10 squats. Quick jog on the spot and repeat x 3. Never said you guys would be getting off easily just because you don’t have stairs!

Round 2

So with lower body being done, lets look at upper body shall we! There are 3 exercises:

  • Press Ups
  • Tricep Dips
  • Walking Planks

Using the stairs as your equipment, you’re doing press ups with your hands on one of the stairs. Keep your body a straight as possible. If you have space, you could put your feet on the stairs so that they are elevated whilst you do a press up! Use the stairs for the dips – leaving space to drop your bum as low as possible. The idea of a walking plank is that you come into a full plank position at the bottom of the stairs. Trying to keep your hips as still as possible and with your abs engaged, “walk up” the step with your hands and back down again. This is one repetition. You are doing 10 x press ups, 10 x dips and 10 x walking planks x3!!

Non-steppers – do the press ups as normal. You could elevate your feet too or try varying the angles of your hands! Use a chair or your bath (I know I know, some people won’t have a bath) to do dips. The walking planks change from full plank position on your hands, to half plank position on your elbows and then back to hands. You are also doing 10 x press ups, 10 x dips and 10 x walking planks x3!!

And there you go – it’s not complicated or massively time consuming; but it’s a workout that will get that body moving! If you’re looking for something more challenging, try this HIIT workout!