Posted on June 04, 2018 by Jenny Cromack

This post is going to use my own recent experiences in golf as an analogy for your training or diet. Sometimes we get so used to doing things a certain way and develop habits that we seldom actively move away from these. Being so engrossed in one way of doing something, although at the time seems the best/easiest way, can often limit our results. These habits, however, limit our perspective and we get scared of drifting from our “norms”, stepping outside of our comfort zone and accepting change.

Accepting Change

My Golfing Analogy

So I have played golf since I was 12 (which is 16 years). At 12 I had lessons and perfected my swing to look just like a textbook. As I played and played and negated anymore lessons, I picked up habits that I was unaware of. I fell into a grip that was more comfortable for me and as a result developed a compensatory pattern in my swing to make sure I hit the ball straight. This is great! I am playing OK! But I do get the odd wayward tee off or fairway strike.

Recently, I went for a refresher lesson and low and behold it, he told me my grip needed altering back to my original one 16 years ago. This grip felt uncomfortable and as I was so used to compensating before, my shots now were less consistent, travelling less distance, and often swaying off to the right. I pondered going back to my default. Instead, I persisted – if I want to get better I need to ride it out. I’ve had a period of rounds where I was getting frustrated and was tempted to return to my “normal”; but I didn’t and here I am writing this just hours after the best round of golf I have had for a very long time.

How Does Golf Relate To Your Training/Diet?

You may be thinking “so what?”, “what does golf have to do with my exercise or my diet?”. Well lets think about it, have you ever started exercise, the same old approach you take time and time again, and don’t get the results you truly want and drop off? You will then probably go back months later and try again, the same old routine or the same old diet. In some cases, you may get some short term results but these don’t last and you fall off the wagon to just return back to the same cycle. It’s also likely that you may see other training or nutritional methods, but because these are “alien” to you, you don’t trust them and shy away from them. Or you may try it briefly, realise you aren’t comfortable (like my grip) and return to the default.

Here’s my advice: if you are stuck in a rut with training or eating; if you’re not seeing any results or have reached a plateau; or if you’re just bored of the same routine – seek help from a trainer or buddy and actively seek change. Change can shock the body into new results. It may seem uncomfortable and alien at first but over time it will get you further than before. Be patient, stick it out, and change will bring you what you want.

How Can You Seek or Find The Change You Need?

Finding the “right” change for you can come from anywhere. There may be “gurus” in your gym that can help pass on words of advice and experience. Personal trainers are a great option if you have one. Sit them down and ask them what changes may suit your goals.

The take home message would be to not be afraid of accepting change. It will be different, it will feel strange, it may not bring instant results, but persist and those rewards will come.