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Pastryless Quiche

When it comes to eating healthily, a lot of recipes are altered to make them healthier (Shepherd’s pie, cauliflower rice, protein pancakes etc etc etc.). Sometimes instead of completely changing the recipe, removing one part of the recipe will do the job. Pastry is something we would rarely recommend eating due to the high fat […]

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5 Gym Bag Essentials I Just Wouldn’t Train Without

Back with another modest but unbelievably epic blog covering my gym bag essentials. For me, these five items must be in my bag as I head to the gym as they help mobilize, motivate and prepare me for exercise. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not reliant on these tools however without them I know I […]

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5 Top Tips To Fit Exercise Around Work!

Exercise can often get pushed to the back burner when life gets hectic, whether it is work, socialising, family or just lack of motivation everyone (even myself) have been guilty of making excuses for not exercising. So the question is… can we fit exercise around our busy lives, work and families. So, without further ado, here are […]

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Healthy Granola Recipe

This weekend we held a residential boot camp, I wanted to share one of our scrummy breakfasts with you…..our homemade granola recipe. As a personal trainer, I’ll be honest, I don’t really recommend my clients eat ‘shop bought’ granola as it is often high in sugar, but this is a great healthy granola recipe and […]

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Race For Fitness Training Advice!

Summer is coming and things are hotting up already here at motive8. As you may be aware we have started our Race For Fitness campaign, with eight teams competing and only one will win! There is a great buzz in and around the studio, everyone is getting mega competitive with their fitness testing. So here is my training advice […]

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Amazing Avocado Breakfast Recipe

I am not ashamed to admit I have well and truly jump on the avocado band-wagon, I have been eating a lot recently and I am far from getting sick of it. One of the best accompanies for avocado is egg, here is one of my favourite recipes involving the two – so get feasting […]

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Finish Your Workout Right! How To Cool Down Correctly

My previous blog was about preparing your body for training and how important it is to warm up correctly. Throughout the blog I mentioned how a warm-up gets pushed to the side and people don’t understand the advantages. If a warm-up gets ‘pushed to the side’, then an adequate cool down after training gets pushed […]

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Top Chest Training Tips

Incline vs decline. Barbell or dumbbells. Mass or strength. How much rest? These are just some examples of the conversations we’ve been having in the gym this week. The truth is that there is no one way to train your chest! Plus everyone trains differently as everyone has different training goals. But to help out, here […]

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Why Do My Feet Hurt?

Picture: Is your New Year kick rubbing off in a less than positive way? Are those extra steps you’re taking due to your new wearable technology, or those extra kilometres you’re running training for a freshly entered race, begging the question ‘why do my feet ache ?’ To be fair, it’s not a surprise when […]

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This Is How I Roll – Foam Rolling Techniques

If you’ve ever read any of my blogs, you will know that I believe EVERYONE who does any kind of fitness should do two things : Yoga and Foam Roll. For those of you who already use a foam roller of any sort, I would ask the question “when do you use it”? If you […]

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How To Warm Up Correctly

Everyone, in one way or another, will do a warm up prior to exercise. For some this may be a 5 minute jog on a treadmill followed by some mobility exercises and for others it can be a couple arm swings and a little ‘shake-off’. Whatever you do before your training, it is all for similar reasons: […]

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Simplifying Endurance Training

During the final months writing my dissertation I often, similarly to many of my peers, looked for ways to procrastinate from finishing the 10,000 word piece of writing. The answer I came up with was exercise, specifically long distance running (it meant I spent the longest time away from my computer!). Although a successful distraction […]

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Static Stretching Progressions

Static stretching is often reserved for the end of a session, and don’t worry if this is what you are doing you are not doing anything wrong. Occasionally though, static stretching does have it’s place at the start of a workout or indeed as part of a ‘rehab’ home based static stretching programme , particularly […]

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My Fitness Book Recommendations

For those that know me, I enjoy a good read, whilst I don’t think you’ll be interested in the journals I’m interested in, here are my top 10 fitness book recommendations for those working towards a fitness objective. Be warned, not all are easy reads, some will require some sticking power, but keep with it […]

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Explosive Workout For Lifting More

For many individuals who lift, there will ultimately come the time when you experience a plateau, in which you cannot lift any greater load. One strategy to overcome a plateau is to develop your ability to move quicker, or become explosive. Therefore it’s important to include explosive moves in your workouts, and so, here is […]

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