Posted on January 29, 2020 by Kate Halsall

We are proud to announce our first member of the month for 2020 – Samantha Barnard. Sam has had personal training sessions with motive8 for some time now and has always been massively involved with mour events – from running the York 10k with others from our community, entering the motive8 games and taking part in our charity quizzes. If you follow us on Instagram, you will have seen her deadlifting exploits with personal trainer Josh – this woman has some awesome strength!! Find out about her journey here.

How long have you trained at motive8?

A fabulous 7 years – since they kitted out our works facilities and created a well being group – I was hooked !

What were your goals when you joined and have they changed?

At the start it was all about weight loss and how I could use exercise to fast track that! Now it is more about strength and health! I know the 80/20 rule for food vs fitness = impact; and now I use exercise to boost my mental health whilst focusing on improving my levels of strength (and a little weight loss boost!).

Why do you enjoy working out at/with motive8?

It’s a great friendly team and the atmosphere is welcoming. Some gyms are over-subscribed, some are cliquey – not motive8 though! Everyone is welcome and everyone is treated like family!

What keeps you motivated?

The PT’s – I’m currently working with Josh (poor guy!) who has the patience of a saint. He’s learnt what I like and don’t like; worked with me on my goals and mixes my sessions up to keep them varied. There is also the promise of being able to do a pull up! Watch this space!

We’re looking forward to seeing that pull up Sam!! Keep up the good work! #smashingit

If you fancy smashing your goals just like Sam, why not get in touch. We offer a free consultation for all of our personal training clients. If personal training isn’t your thing but you fancy coming along to the gym or a class then get in touch and claim your free class or gym pass!

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