Posted on February 25, 2022 by Emily Forbes

The Tuesday lunchtime class here at motive8 North is a 30min HIIT and core class. With more people coming back to the offices it’s a perfect way to break up your day and get your heart rate pumping! HIIT classes are great because they usually use little to no equipment and can be done anywhere. Saying that, I did include some weights in today’s class. Here it is if you want to come down to the gym and try it for yourself.

Start with a few minutes of getting the heart rate up and mobilising – today we included squats, walk outs, twists, mountain climbers and glute bridges.

The theme of this workout is 30 sec work to 15 sec rest – body weight round; weighted/strength round; core round.

  • A1 – Burpees
  • A2 – Star jumps
  • A3 – side step touch downs
  • B1 – Squat and press (DB press overhead)
  • B2 – Deadlift and row (DB, Hinge, row, stand)
  • B3 – Step and press up (step up step down, press up on step, repeat other leg)
  • C1 – Ab cycles
  • C2 – plank or variations of
  • C3 – Weighted double crunch

There was an extra 30 second rest between sets. We completed 2 rounds but feel free to do more. We also included a 5 minute finisher with as many rounds as possible:

  • Shuttle runs x 2
  • Wall sit & 10 x L-press
  • Slam balls x 10
  • KB swings x 10

Remember, if you haven’t been to a class you can try your first one with us for free!

Happy training . Emily x