Posted on November 04, 2020 by Jenny Cromack

Sam and Heather (aka HP) are this month’s Members of the Month. Well done ladies! This deadly duo have been training with us here at motive8 for over 7 years. Both work their socks off in their training sessions, so they are well deserved winners of member of the month!

Here’s a little bit about them and why they enjoy training at motive8.

What is it you enjoy about training at motive8?

HP – Not sure “enjoy” is the right word for the regular beastings we get at motive8 !! In all seriousness though, it’s the fact that the personal trainers continue to keep things fresh and keep us on our toes even after all this time. There is also a great range of classes if we aren’t able to train and the atmosphere at the gym is really friendly and fun .

Sam – Ha Ha, there is a list of words I wont use in the gym and ‘Enjoy’ and ‘Easy’ are two of them, use them and the trainers jump on it ! 😊  Seriously though, motive8 is a great place to work out, whether it’s a class or personal training, no two sessions are the same. I’m often trying new things and finding muscles I never knew I had!  It’s a fab community which the sentimental me would call “family”

How long have you trained together?

HP – I reckon we have been training together for about than 7 years !

Sam – Forever. Best friends together, right?!

Why do you train together?

HP – We encourage each other but aren’t too competitive as we are good at different things. Sam is the queen of the weights, whereas I am more about the cardio 

SB – It also makes sure we are prioritising time to focus on us.  Life is so busy that you can often neglect what’s important.  Having a commitment with Heather, means I won’t let her down resulting in me always getting a workout  – plus you get time for a catch up – you will often see us in the car park freezing cold having a good old natter after our session! 

Finally, what are your current goals? Why do you exercise?

HP – We are always keen to drop a few pounds but we also find that the benefits of exercise to mental health are really beneficial

SB – Strength and mental health – whilst I sometimes cry at the thought of getting up when it is still dark, it is light when we are finished and I feel fantastic and ready to take on the world !  Josh is brilliant at planning our personal training sessions so Heather and I both get what we want from it – FYI Josh – neither of us want burpees from it 😊

Well done ladies, we look forward to seeing your smiling faces in a PT session or class soon