Posted on April 15, 2020 by Kate Halsall

Right now, there is more access to workouts than there has ever been. The online fitness community has seen a massive surge in classes and personal training being made available.

We’ve recently launched our own online platform which has FREE pre-recorded workouts and live workouts too! Interested in joining us? Contact us and we’ll send you the link to sign up! We’re also posting daily workouts and recipes on our private Facebook Group to keep you focused and motivated. Anyway, enough of the shameless plugs….there really is no excuse not to have a workout of some sort.

Alongside the surge in online classes, there has also been a surge in people buying home fitness equipment leading to many places selling out of equipment. But, more online stores are fully stocked once again, so, if you have a burning desire to spend your usual coffee money on a couple of pieces of kit to enhance your workouts then never fear – here are our top three pieces of workout kit for your home.


Yes, yes I’m a little biased here, as after all I am “Kettlebell Kate”! But honestly – these days you can grab decent weighted kettlebell for around £10 and you can do a whole body workout with it. For me personally, I like the flow you can get from kettlebell exercises – you don’t have to put the bell down; you move from one exercise to another and as such you get a great cardio response. Click here to see one great workout example!

Resistance Bands

Another fitness bargain you can have in your own home! The only difficulty with resistance bands these days are that there are so many types to choose from! There are resistance band loops, bands with handles, bands just designed to use to grow your booty and so on! Once you have picked your type of band, if you’re not buying a set, you are then asked to pick which strength you want. Tricky! My words of wisdom here is to get a couple of different strengths, but ultimately you have to pick what you buy based on how you are going to use it. If you are looking to work your glutes, here’s a workout from Emily to get you aching.

Suspension Trainers

If you’ve been in a gym you will have come across these even if you haven’t used them. They’re most commonly yellow and can be found attached to a rig, mount on a wall or a rack. You may even see people attaching these to a tree in the park and having a workout with it. Most come with a door anchor – so don’t worry if you’re not near a park! The great thing is that these days you can pick one of these up for under £25, which is a lot less than they used to be. What I love about suspension training is the way that you can select exercises which challenge your body against gravity, challenge your balance and work your core! Here’s a suspension workout so that you can see what I mean.

So there you have it – three relatively inexpensive pieces of kit for your home. Of course, if you want to save your usual coffee money for something else then you can use tins of food, filled bottles with water or sand (fabric conditioner bottles with handles make great weights!, bags of sand, compost, your pets, your kids and so on.