Posted on August 19, 2022 by Courtney Williams

And it’s the tale of the take; the story of the titans; the moment of truth, this is MOTIVE8 GAMES!

When it’s the 21st September 2022, its National Fitness day! A day we acknowledge and challenge our own fitness – Nationally. A day we get to compete and meet new people. A day we have fun, get fit and enter into the spirit of friendly competition.

This is a free to attend event so feel free to bring family, friends, kids, pets and your pride. The games are in mixed teams of 4. The list of games is/but not limited to:

  • Tyre flips in a minute
  • Egg on spoon
  • Pilates ball shot put
  • Sprint relay
  • Obstacle course
  • Keg hold

Whilst these games are just meant as a little bit of fun, here are some little insights into the events to help you train for them!

Tyre flips are a very similar movement to deadlifts and our tyre weighs in at around 75kg.

Egg on spoon is all about balance and hand-eye coordination.

Pilates ball shot put uses a 2kg pilates ball which is thrown the furthest possible distance with one arm.

Sprint relay is a team sport and usually where we see the competitiveness really show! You need to have explosive power to be quick off the mark!

The obstacle course won’t actually be designed until the time; but all round functional fitness is key – think rowing, speed ladders, battle ropes!

If you fancy a bit of fitness fun, get that team together and come and take part. Can your team win the trophy?