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What Is Burnout? And Why Do We Get It?

  It is usually around this time of year that people start giving up on the gym, one reason for this we call ‘burnout’. Some people may just have a lack of motivation or not sufficient drive to reach their goals, whereas burnout can be caused due to several different factors. So how do you […]

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The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Stress!

What is Stress? Generally, we see stress as sense of pressure, negative emotions, and unpleasant tension. Contemporary, psychological, definitions of stress break the concept down. It is broken down into “stressors” (e.g., external environmental factors) and the “response to the stressors” (e.g., feeling pressured). The concept of stress involves physiological, behavioural, and psychological consequences. Stress […]

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Get Motivated: Client and Personal Trainer Perspectives

We are almost a month after the Christmas break, the gyms have been bustling with new gym members and old stalewarts. It is around this time we would expect to see some of the new years resolutioners’ enthusiasm begin to diminish. Is the spark for your fitness fix begeinning to fade? Are you struggling to […]

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Changing Your Training Environment – 4 Key Factors

Everyone likes to train in different ways, in different environments. I don’t pretend to be any sort of psychologist, but it does really interest me how motivation and therefore training adaptation can be altered so much by the environment that we train in. So I thought I’d write a blog about how changing your training […]

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5 Top Tips To Fit Exercise Around Work!

Exercise can often get pushed to the back burner when life gets hectic, whether it is work, socialising, family or just lack of motivation everyone (even myself) have been guilty of making excuses for not exercising. So the question is… can we fit exercise around our busy lives, work and families. So, without further ado, here are […]

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Goal Setting – Why You Should Be Setting Process Goals Ahead of Outcomes!

  Goal setting….we’ve all been there! You’re ready to make a change, you’re sat thinking about setting that end goal to keep you focused; whether it be fitness, physical or even a weight goal. Specifically with a weight goal, as personal trainers, we often hear….’I want to…. Weigh X amount by Z date’ More often then not, […]

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Beyond the Muscles – Weight Training and Identity Control

  This weeks article is another installment of my PhD studies. The previous articles have higlighted my findings that associate muscularity with the enhance ment of masculinity and the empowerment of an independent feminine identity. What follows are the ongoing findings of my final study which broadens the scope of muscularity and it’s benefits on controlling […]

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Muscularity And The Empowered Woman

Following last weeks blog, this week covers more PhD findings and highlights the beneficial influence muscularity and strength has on some of the females included in my studies. So, this week I’m looking at muscularity in females. More and more women have been engaging in weight lifting activities. There is often a stigma around women and […]

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Men, Muscles, and Masculinity

Over the next three weeks I am going to introduce some of my findings coming out of my PhD. These relate to how the muscularity plays a pivotal role in our identities, and may benefit (or hinder us) in managing the impressions we both have of ourselves and project to others. These blogs will include, […]

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Don’t Let Christmas Ruin Your Fitness Mojo

It happens every year. People start to cancel personal training sessions and classes due to Christmas dos, we hear people saying “ahhhh but it’s Christmas” or “I’ll start again in the New Year” or “it won’t make a difference now because it’s Christmas”……It’s nothing new, and without doubt is THE most irritating thing about December! Here’s […]

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Exercise – More Than Results

At motive8 we are super proud of the results we achieve with our clients but I’m often astounded by the other non-health related benefits which joining a gym, coming to classes or having pt sessions bring. I’m not talking about the mental health benefits, which are as beneficial as the physical benefits of exercise, but […]

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It’s A Knock Out!

The scariest exciting thing happened on Tuesday in training. When we were sparring I knocked someone out. ME! All-the-gear-no-idea me. Little wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly and peaceful-vegan-just-wanting-to-get-back-to-fitness Kate. It wasn’t a hard punch, but I got her on the forehead and down she went. I’ll be honest, I didn’t like it and it doesn’t make me feel any more confident […]

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Understanding Anabolic Steroids – Part One!

The use of anabolic steroids is often a taboo subject in the health and fitness industry, with many not wanting to discuss it because of it’s seedy and immoral nature. For me, this is part of the reason so many individuals will misuse these substances and cause themselves unnecessary harm due to a lack of […]

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Weight Training and Mental Health

When designed appropriately weight training can be beneficial in stimulating many physical changes such as strength, mass, and power increases. It can also help positive impact physical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and muscular dysfunctions. More recently, weight training and mental health has been studied and the psychological effect it has too; reducing depressive symptoms […]

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Muscularity and Self-Identity

This week I wanted to share some of my own interpretations coming from my own PhD studies. I am exploring Muscularity and Self-Identity and the role muscularity plays in who we are and our identities. One of my current ongoing studies is exploring the gym culture and the role of muscularity in the lives of […]

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