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Take a read about some of the success stories from our Do It In 12 Programme.

If you’re interested in Doing It In 12 and hitting your goals then drop us a line or call us on 0113 2430161 and we’ll show you how you can achieve your goals in just 12 weeks.

Steve Copsey

Steve Copsey #doitin12

Weight 77.2kg 64.8kg
BMI 27.1 22.9
Waist 83.5 cm 69cm
Chest Size 92cm 83cm
% Body Fat 25.13% 17.32%
Cms Lost 65cm
Before Steve started ‘doing it in 12’ he had never lifted weights before, his 1 rep max is now 50k for bench press and 90kg for deadlift – not to shabby for someone who hadn’t lifted a barbell before! Not only has Steve seen these amazing results but he has also learned how exercise and healthy eating can be part of his life forever. After all, a healthy body is for life not just for 12 weeks…..

Stephen Tweddle

Steve Ieuan Image Week 9 #doitin12

Weight 101.5kg 92.5kg
BMI 30.6 27.9
Waist 98cm 91cm
Chest 106cm 101cm
% Body Fat 18% 13.47%
Inches Lost 49.5cm
Stephen is only 9 weeks into his journey but we just had to shout about what he has achieved already, over 5% body fat, nearly 10kg lost (that’s 20 x 500g bags of sugar…wow!) and almost 50cm (20 inches in old money) is phenomenal! In fact we’ve had to revise his targets as he has already nearly achieved what he originally set out to achieve! Well done Steve!

Ruby Briggs

personal training client ruby-before
Before After Do It In 12
Weight 14st 4lb 12st 12.6lb
BMI 33.39 30.12
Waist 42 inches 37 inches
Dress Size 20 16
% Body Fat 38 33
Inches Lost 20.25
After doing Do It In 12 and closely following her nutritional and training plan, Ruby achieved some fantastic results! ‘I can’t quite believe that I’ve gone from someone who hated shopping because I couldn’t find anything to fit, to someone who enjoys shopping for new clothes’.
personal training client ruby-after
Day 1 Current Total Loss
Weight 14st 4lb 10st 1lb 4st 3lb
BMI 33.39 22.63 -10.76
Waist 42 inches 27.25 inches -14.75 inches
Dress Size 20 12 8 dress sizes!
% Body Fat 36.48 24.5 -13%
Inches Lost 74 inches
Ruby has continued to train with motive8 North and has continued to achieve more amazing results. ‘Without Jenny’s help it just wouldn’t have been possible for me to achieve the weight loss and fitness targets set for my big ‘FIVE-0′ birthday. Read Ruby’s full testimonial here.

Greg Judges

personal training client greg-before
Before After Do It In 12
Weight 12st 12lb 12st 0.6lb
BMI 27.4 25.7
Waist 92cm 82cm
Chest 99cm 93cm
% Body Fat 20.13 16.64
Centimetres Lost 27.5
Not only did Greg achieve amazing results with Do It In 12 he also took part in the Oxfam Trail Trekker challenge…over 100km in 30 hours! Well done Greg!
personal training client greg-after
Day 1 Currently Total Loss
Weight 12st 12lb 10st 8.2lb 2st 3.8lb
BMI 27.4 22.7 -4.7
Waist 92cm 73cm -19cm
Chest 99cm 85cm -14cm
% Body Fat 20.13 11.65 -8.48%
Centimetres Lost 85cm
Greg has continued to train with Kate, and has a lost over 8% body fat and 85 centimetres. With his new found fitness Greg is also completing his first Ultra Marathon this year! Go Greg!

Lynette Clapham

personal training client lynette-before
Before After Do It In 12
Weight 15st 8.6lb 13st 12.2lb
BMI 33.57 29.81
Waist 33.5 inches 30 inches
Dress Size 16-18 14
% Body Fat 38.4 34.64
Inches Lost 26.5
When Lynette first started Do It In 12, whilst she wanted to lose weight her main target was to focus on losing body fat and inches and improving her overall health. This was massively achieved with almost 4% body fat lost and over 26 inches!
personal training client lynette-after
Day 1 Currently Total Loss
Weight 15st 8.6lb 12st 7lb 3st 1.6lb
BMI 33.57 26.87 -6.7
Waist 33.5 inches 26.25 inches -7.25 inches
Dress Size 16-18 12-14 3 dress sizes!
% Body Fat 38.4 29.9 -8.5%
Inches Lost 54.75 inches
After Do It In 12 Lynette has continued to have personal training sessions with Jenny but only on a weekly basis. She has continued to see fantastic results, but more importantly has kept the weight, body fat and inches off for the last 2 years!

Karen Boyle

Before After Do It In 12
Weight 10st 10lb 9st 9lb
BMI 24.45 21.87
Waist 32” 29”
Inches Lost 20.5
% Body Fat 22.9% 17.49%

When Karen first started the Do It In 12 Programme, her focus wasn’t on the aesthetic goals but more focused on her energy levels and how long she could run for

Karen really took to fine tuning her already good nutrition, but she really impressed Ieuan and herself with her motivation and capabilities with her training. She came into it wanting to get into running but came out of it with a new found love for resistance training and shaping the body. Her words on finishing the program were “I got so much out of it that I didn’t even realise I wanted”.

Considering there were no primary weight loss or body related goals Karen achieved way more than she initially wanted. Well Done, awesome work Karen!

Erene H

Before After Do It In 12
Weight 57kg 56kg
BMI 21 20
Waist 25” 23.5”
Inches Lost 9 3/4
% Body Fat 26.1% 22.4%

When Erene first contacted the motive8 North personal training team I remember being shocked – she already looked in amazing shape but Erene’s motivation for joining the Do It In 12 Programme was to increase her energy and get her exercise mojo back.

Erene explained that she used to love exercise but had lost her passion for it and felt that doing the Do It In 12 programme would help her to regain her motivation and become healthier and more energetic again. The Do It In 12 programme has certainly got her back on track…..

– Erene has recently smashed her personal best at the 5k park run.

– She is lifting heavier and is proof that girls who lift do not turn into the incredible hulk – she looks great.

– Her body fat is lower, revealing those abs

– And she has more energy and is in a great routine of exercising 3-4 times per week.

Well done Erene!


Rachel Greenwood

personal training client rachel-before
Before After Do It In 12
Weight 19st 2lb 16st 8.8lb
BMI 39.7 34.4
Waist 119.5cm 110cm
Dress Size 22 16
% Body Fat 47.9 40.8
Centimetres Lost 48
When Rachel first started the Do It In 12 Programme she couldn’t bend down to fasten her show laces. After 12 weeks Rachel is a different person who is now planning to run a 10k later this year!
personal training client rachel-after