What Is Do It In 12?

The starting pistol. The whistle. The ring of a bell. Everything great needs a starting point.We have designed a unique package which we GUARANTEE will get you the results you want in 12 weeks.If you’re tired of making and breaking the same New Year Resolutions the Do It In 12 Programme is for you.Are you ready to Do It In 12?  

What Is Do It In 12?

Do it in 12 is a brand new personal training program that guarantees a fitter, leaner, healthier you in just twelve weeks. Contact us today for more information! As part the program you will receive:
  • 2 x Personal training sessions per week designed with you and your goals in mind
  • Your own bespoke programme to follow in the gym when not with your trainer
  • A personalised daily nutritional plan – each meal is carefully planned based on your likes and dislikes
  • Assessments performed every 2 weeks to make sure you are on track to achieving your goals
  • Your training and nutritional plans are updated every 4 weeks to ensure you are on the road to success
  • Weekly reports about your diet to optimise your results
  • Weekly support from your personal trainer to make sure you’re staying focused to Do It In 12
Do It In 12 is not a quick fix; it’s a lifestyle makeover that will continue to deliver results even once the twelve weeks have passed. Whatever your goal, we guarantee that you’ll Do It In 12.

What Happens In Do It In 12?

  • Before we get started you will have a goal setting consultation with one of our personal training team
  • We will assess your lifestyle, sleep patterns, current exercise regime and eating habits
  • We will perform your first assessment of your 12 week journey and agree the amazing results you will achieve in the next 12 weeks
  • Do It In 12 is a twelve week personal training package consisting of two personal training sessions per week
  • To achieve your goals we will ask you to perform another one or two workouts per week
  • Your programme will be bespoke to you and your goals and you will be given your own personalised programme to follow
Progress & Support
  • Every 2 weeks we will measure your key stats such as weight and body fat to make sure you are making the progress you need
  • Every 4 weeks you will receive a bespoke training and nutritional plan to optimise your results
  • You will also receive weekly dietary analysis to ensure we are covering all bases
  • You will be given a fortnightly progress report showing you the amazing results you’re achieving along the way to spur you on to your long term goals
You may be asking…..’What happens if I don’t achieve my goals?’. We are confident this will not happen, if you put everything into practice that we ask you to do and give it 100%, we believe you WILL do it in 12. In the small chance that you don’t…..we will give you 2-3 weeks of free personal training to make sure you achieve your goals Whatever your goal, we guarantee that you’ll Do It In 12. Then get ready to Do It In 12.

Who Is Do It In 12 For?

Do It In 12 is for anyone who is serious about achieving their results.
  • You may be a business man or woman who is tight on time and needs a results focused program guaranteed to achieve your results
  • You may be bride or groom getting in shape for your wedding
  • You may have a sporting event such as a competition, triathlon, marathon for which you want to be in peak condition
  • You may simply want to lose weight, tone up and feel and look healthier
Whoever you are, we guarantee you will Do It In 12. If Do It In 12 is not for you, then don’t worry check out our other Personal Training Packages here. Then get ready to Do It In 12.