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Gout and the 20-30 year olds!

We’re often compared to hairdressers because of the small talk that goes on in this gym! Last week we were talking about the rise of gout in 20-30 year old’s and how this seemed to coincide with the rise of craft beer. In fact, the statistics say, there has been a 30% increase in cases […]

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Obesity – Where Bigger Is Not Better!

Here’s a scary fact for you that was published in the Guardian in November last year: 26.9% of the UK are OBESE. To give you an idea of what this statistic means, the NHS website states that 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 5 children (aged 10-11) are obese. It’s not surprising then that as […]

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The Motive8 Teams’ New Year Resolutions – Or Not?!

We have nearly made it through the first week of 2018 and so far, so good (apart from dropping both of my phones down the toilet!). New Year resolutions are something that get a bad rap off most people, and that is mostly because no one ever sticks to them. Which makes no sense, why […]

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8 Facts About Bones Them Bones Them Dry Bones!

“Them bones them bones them dry bones, Them bones them bones them dry bones, Them bones them bones them dry bones, Now shake them skeleton bones” I’m sure most of you will remember this song from your childhood! Well it got stuck in my head this weekend as I was tutoring about the skeletal system […]

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Reasons Why I Love Life At Motive8 North

So, it is coming up to about a year since, I started working for motive8 North, well I originally started on work experience and then Jenny was mad enough to offer me  job. It’s crazy to think it’s been that long; what a wonderful year I have had here at motive8 North. There are so […]

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Fact or Fiction – 3 Myths About Exercise

The treadmill tells you you’ve burnt 500 calories after a 20 min run but you didn’t tell it your age or weight or sex; you finish every workout with 100 crunches but still can’t see your six pack; and you still don’t want to lift weights heavier than 3kg because you don’t want to bulk. […]

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Get Your Heart Pumping More!

This week the Telegraph reported that the British Heart Foundation’s latest research illustrated that in some parts of the country, nearly half of adults are not meeting the official exercise guidelines recommended by the Government. These guidelines simply recommend that each adult undertakes AT LEAST 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week. That’s […]

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How Many Calories Do You Burn?

Are Activity Trackers Worth It? In today’s world using a ‘FitBit’ or fitness tracker to measure your steps and gain an idea about how many calories (kcal) you are burning during day-to-day activities is the easiest option. I have a couple of problems with this, firstly not everybody is in a position to be able […]

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Beating the Middle Age Spread

Picture : Firstly, when the hell did I become “Middle Aged”?!? I’m 40 but I don’t feel middle aged, surely middle age is more around the 50 mark as we live longer these days, but then I guess that regardless of how old we are, what does middle age feel like? Anyway, once I […]

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Personal Training – Get To Know Alex

Alex has recently joined the Personal Training team at motive8 team, so we asked him some questions to find out a little more about what makes Alex tick. What qualifications do you have? I studied Sport and Exercise Science at Leeds Beckett (Met!) University, during studying there I worked as a cricket coach and gained my Level […]

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Fitness Trackers – Don’t Believe Everything you Read!

Has anyone this week sat on their high horse and told you with glee that your fitness tracker was a waste of money as they’ve been allegedly proven to not provide health benefits? Well let’s sort this out!! A piece of research based on 800 people in Singapore has concluded that fitness trackers whilst seemingly moderately increasing peoples’ […]

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Posture Advice Part 2 – Forward Shoulder Posture

We saw last week that slouching, long distance car driving or sitting at a desk working on a computer for the majority of the day, can cause forward head position. It won’t surprise you to know then that if you do any of these things, it’s not just forward head posture that you need to […]

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Women and Obesity – Future Generations, The Disturbing Truth!

The Chief Medical Officer’s report entitled “The Health of the 51%: Women” hit the news last week. Isn’t it funny how different newspapers report on the same topic about women and obesity so very differently? The Independent focused on the recommendation made in the report that the government should include obesity on the national risk planning. […]

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Happy 4th Birthday Motive8 North!

On June 29th, 2011 motive8 North open it’s doors as a personal training studio in Leeds. We now have two personal training studios in Leeds with plans to expand in the next year. We are extremely proud of the results our personal training clients and class and gym members achieve and of the workout community where people enjoy exercise and feel part […]

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Jenny’s Charity Bike Ride

On the 20th and 21st June I tackled a new challenge….I cycled 180 mile across Yorkshire over two days to raise money for BTRS (our Charity of the Year). Most people will know I’m quite into my running, and have only recently start cycling so this was all quite new to me, especially cycling for […]

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