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Get On Your Bike!

Next week is “National Bike Week”. That’s right, the 9th – 17th of June is Bike Week 2018. It seems as though I couldn’t have timed my latest challenge any better! I’ve committed to cycling 100 miles during the month of June – are you going to get on your bike in support of bike […]

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Joe’s Finisher Circuits

With summer just round the corner and bikini season is almost upon us, it’s time to ramp up the training! The best way I’ve found to do that last is by using “finisher” circuits at the end of my usual sessions to fire up the metabolism and burn a few more calories. Finishers are also […]

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Welcome To Our New Personal Trainer – Joe

Some of you may have noticed that there’s a new kid on the block.  But this 22 year old is here to prove he’s more than just his biceps! Welcome to our new personal trainer – Joe Bradbury What qualifications do you have? I’m currently in my final year of my BSC Sport and Exercise […]

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8 Exercise Combinations for HIIT Workouts

I’m a big fan of short, snappy, bodyweight HIIT workouts. Not only does it mean you can do them virtually anywhere, but it means that your fat burning, sweaty workout is over quickly! However, whilst I still view star jumps as the queen of exercises (and squats as the king), there are rare occasions where […]

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5-4-3-2-1 Body Weight Circuit

Another body weight circuit you can do anytime, anywhere. I tested this body weight circuit workout in my class today so we’re good to go. As with all circuits, you work to your own ability. You can always adjust it to make it easier or harder. Circuits are are great way to get a full […]

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Body Weight Pyramid Workout

So hopefully that is all the snow done for this winter and we can start taking our workouts outside. I’ve just tested this Body Weight Pyramid Workout outside in the glorious sun and it was delightful! Best of all it’s a body weight session so no equipment required. You’ll add exercises each set to build […]

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Me and yoga

As many of you are well aware I am very into my yoga.  So much so, that I am currently undertaking my yoga teacher training qualification. It will 18 months before I’m qualified but hopefully this means I’ll be more than prepared when the time eventually comes. I have just completed my second weekend training, […]

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Resistance Band Training

I saw a post on social media recently, asking what are the equipment essentials in a personal training studio or as a home personal trainer? This got me thinking, what would be my one piece of training kit I would take everywhere. Dumbbells are great, but a bit bulky to take everywhere, and generally you […]

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10 Reasons To Have A Personal Trainer

New year, new me, same story. Have you once again made a resolution to get fitter, leaner or stronger this year? At this point have you actually changed anything to meet this goal? Or are you currently just doing the same thing you tried last year? It worked for a month right? Maybe its time […]

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The 3 Minute Workout – What’s Your Excuse?

As personal trainers we hear the excuse of “it’s hard to find time” a lot. To be honest, I use that excuse myself too! That’s why interval training protocols like Tabata are great – it’s only 4 minutes work. But what if I said I’ve come up with a 3 minute workout? What would be […]

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Top Tips On Sticking To New Year Resolutions

New year’s resolutions! Most make them. Most break them! Now be honest. How many of you swore come January second you were to become a 5-a-day vegetable eating, non-smoking, meat-once-weekly eating, 2 litre water drinking, 7-days-a-week gym bunny? On top of all the others that were added to the list; reply to emails daily, less […]

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What are the Fitness Trends for 2018?

Do any of your new years resolutions include fitness related goals? Are you looking for inspiration for something new and exciting to start in 2018? Then look no further! I have done the hard work for you (other than actually doing the exercise that is). I have searched the web to come up with a […]

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12 Days of Christmas Workout

I got the inspiration for this 12 Days of Christmas Workout from my husband’s Advent Calendar. I got him a “Protein Chocolate” calendar from one of the health food shops in town…that way he can have a high protein treat without breaking any diet rules! What I hadn’t realised was that the calendar actually has […]

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Upper Body Muscle Building Workout

There is absolutely nothing wrong with smashing a good upper body muscle building workout. We know the ‘don’t skip leg day joke’ but there are lots of reasons for doing an upper body focused training session. Reasons For… – It could simply be part of an upper and lower body split programme. – 50% of […]

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Winter Warming Circuit Training Session

I joke around and always say – ‘self-praise is no praise’, however I just wrote the best circuit training session for class this evening! What The Benefits of Circuit Training? – High metabolic demanding, therefore it is great for fat burning. – Time efficient, people don’t always want to be in the gym for 60 […]

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