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Total Warrior 2018

Total Warrior 2018 A year on and once again motive8 North and BTRS teamed up to take on the 12 kilometers and 30 obstacles that stood in the way of them and Total Warrior 2018 glory. Thirteen motivated individuals threw their hats in and battled through the beaming Summer sun. It was the perfect setting […]

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Get On Your Bike!

Next week is “National Bike Week”. That’s right, the 9th – 17th of June is Bike Week 2018. It seems as though I couldn’t have timed my latest challenge any better! I’ve committed to cycling 100 miles during the month of June – are you going to get on your bike in support of bike […]

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The Motive8 Teams’ New Year Resolutions – Or Not?!

We have nearly made it through the first week of 2018 and so far, so good (apart from dropping both of my phones down the toilet!). New Year resolutions are something that get a bad rap off most people, and that is mostly because no one ever sticks to them. Which makes no sense, why […]

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Triathlon Top 5 Tips For Beginners

I’ve been doing triathlon’s for just over 2 years now, and I must say I LOVE them, dare I even say it, more than just running alone! There is something equally exciting, amazing and exhilarating about taking part in this multi-sport event. If you haven’t done one before I’d highly recommend it, even if you […]

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Duathlon D-Day…..Race Report!

Sunday 30th April was ‘THE DAY’, the day I’d been training for since finding out last November that I had qualified for the European Triathlon Union, Standard Distance Duathlon Championships in Soria, representing Great Britain for my age group (35-39 years). I must have bored everyone to tears about this race and my prep for it, […]

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How Many Calories Do You Burn?

Are Activity Trackers Worth It? In today’s world using a ‘FitBit’ or fitness tracker to measure your steps and gain an idea about how many calories (kcal) you are burning during day-to-day activities is the easiest option. I have a couple of problems with this, firstly not everybody is in a position to be able […]

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Don’t Let Christmas Ruin Your Fitness Mojo

It happens every year. People start to cancel personal training sessions and classes due to Christmas dos, we hear people saying “ahhhh but it’s Christmas” or “I’ll start again in the New Year” or “it won’t make a difference now because it’s Christmas”……It’s nothing new, and without doubt is THE most irritating thing about December! Here’s […]

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10k Top Tips – Final Weeks Of Training

If you have a 10k coming up, here are our 10k top tips for your final weeks of training. Don’t PANIC! If you have followed your plan, the advice of your personal trainer or coach then you have nothing to panic about, you have it in the bag! It’s easy to be overcome with a […]

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Jenny’s Duathlon Dream!

About 18 months ago I took part in my first triathlon, it was a sprint distance triathlon and I loved it! I was hooked! As someone who always called themselves as a ‘runner’ I couldn’t believe, and still can’t, how much I enjoy the cycling training. In my first triathlon I finished 10th woman, if […]

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Are You Ready For It?

That’s all I’ve heard this week: are you ready for it, how are you feeling about it, do you know who you’re fighting yet…….and honestly, I don’t know! Does 8 weeks of twice a week training actually prepare you to get into a boxing ring and punch another individual? And on that note – is […]

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What’s To Stop Me Punching Like The Duracell Bunny?!

It’s suddenly dawned on some of the girls this week (or at least that they’re admitting too out loud), that we’re going to be fighting each other soon. We’re looking around the room and eyeing up anyone roughly the same weight and height. We’re watching their every move: how hard do they punch, what are […]

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My Pink Collar Boxing Challenge!

It’s an understatement to say that the last 6-9 months have been a challenge for me – both physically and mentally. My back pain returned with absolutely debilitating results. I had to stop 99% of my physical activity, simply because there were days where getting out of bed was almost impossible. Movement has often been severely […]

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Castle Triathlon Series

      Last weekend Leeds really felt the buzz of hosting the 2016 ITU World Triathlon. For many people it was their first time spectating at a triathlon and the feedback from spectators was fantastic. This week in the gym and on social media there has been much talk around the idea of triathlon […]

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Total Warrior Mud Run

Over the years the mud run assault courses have become ever more popular for people to run as a team event or individually. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and do something a bit different than running around your local park. Mud runs involve a combination of endurance, strength and determination to battle the […]

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What’s Your Excuse?

An article on my web browser caught my eye today about the types of excuses that people make for the reasons they don’t exercise.   There’s no point in denying it – we all have them…..”I’m too tired”, “it’s raining and too cold”, “I should have gotten up earlier to go” “my muscles hurt too much” (almost […]

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