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Strength Training Workout

  In my personal opinion, but also an opinion that is shared by many practitioners around the world; strength underpins so many sporting and clinical attributes. Anything from the ability to decelerate, change direction and re-accelerate to the overall quality of life, can be affected by strength. That’s why it’s important to include an element […]

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The Make-Up of Exercise Rehabilitation

Ieuan’s Insight Into Exercise Rehabilitation   Injury is something most of us experience at some time in our daily training/sporting lives. How we fix it is often put in the hands of someone else; a sports therapist, like myself, a physio, a doctors, a rehabilitator. We can fall into the trap of being a little […]

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Concussion – What Is It and Should I Train?

Having been severely concussed several times myself and observed/treated many many clients with concussion I felt it necessary to spread a little knowledge about this invisible threat. I had one client message me recently asking whether they should attend their session; “I got concussed in the game Saturday, should I still train tonight?”. Although a […]

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Harden Those Hamstrings! Stay Injury Free!

Ieuan’s Hamstring Protection Workout! I am currently treating several people with hamstring complaints and when observing their daily workout regimes I am noticing a common gap and deficiency in how they are loading these problematic hamstring muscles. So this week’s workout installment offers a workout that will help make those hamstrings bomb-proof and give you […]

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Bulletproof Your Running

Running Injury Management Having recently attended an extremely valuable talk on running injury, the following article to ‘bulletproof your running’ provides my reflections and the useful concepts that were shared. The talk was given by a very knowledgeable, experienced, and research driven guy called Peter Francis, who is based at Leeds Beckett and heads up […]

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An Insight Into Alex’s Training Goals

Don’t worry this isn’t another blog about New Years resolutions. Although, on that topic, my reading is coming along beautiful – I am too chapters away from finishing my first book. ‘Black Box Thinking’, written by Matthew Syed. It’s an enjoyable read – a couple of clients have given me some more books to get […]

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10 Reasons To Have A Personal Trainer

New year, new me, same story. Have you once again made a resolution to get fitter, leaner or stronger this year? At this point have you actually changed anything to meet this goal? Or are you currently just doing the same thing you tried last year? It worked for a month right? Maybe its time […]

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Spine Stability Exercises – Lumbar Stabilisation

As many of you will know I split my time with working here at motive8 with helping Yorkshire CCC in the Sport Science department. This winter I will predominantly be working with the Academy and youth athletes. During one of the first sessions, this week, the physiotherapists and ourselves spent about 30 minutes focusing just […]

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Top Tips for Training With An Injury

We’ve all been there, smashing PB’s then BAM! Injury sets in and halts all training. It may be sudden and acute or something that slowly develops over time which you ignore until the pain is too much. You try to rest for a while but then head to the gym after 3 days thinking a […]

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Agility And Speed Workout

How Speed and Agility Applies To You I am sure everyone will have gathered that I attended a UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) Workshop this weekend down in London. It was about Plyometrics, Agility and Speed, some of you may not know what that means, some of you may like to know what it […]

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How To Recover Properly

Ok so you have exercised Monday to Thursday a combination of heavy weights, aerobic interval training and hypertrophic training – your body is in pieces but you have a final session to do before the weekend. How on earth do you recover? Well there are couple basic strategies and a couple of more obscure strategies try […]

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Alex’s Favorite Strength Workout

  During a training session, we all have exercises we like, and exercises we hate. You may think as a personal trainer I can just programme exercises and training session I really enjoy. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case very often. This is because if I only selected the exercises I enjoyed I wouldn’t get very […]

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Preventing and Rehabing Injury Workout

The biggest frustration with any type of exercise or performance is injury. As a personal trainer there is nothing worse than when your client picks up an injury. Injury occurs when the load applied to a tissue exceeds its failure tolerance (Bartlett, 1999). When we talk about injury we can categorise them into 2: Chronic […]

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Shoes or No Shoes? Is Barefoot Running Better?

What are your training shoes like? High support? Low support? Do you run barefoot? For decades an argument over whether barefoot running is better for us than shod running has been lingering. The answer is still unclear and in my opinion it depends upon what factors you are looking at. The following article will provide a […]

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Bulletproof Shoulder Workout

My role as a Sports Therapist commonly exposes me to shoulder problems. Recently I have seen a huge increase in the amount of individuals complaining of shoulder pain with symptoms that suggest secondary impingment. These are often influenced by postural deficiencies (forward slumped posture of the shoulders) or muscle imbalances (overactive anterior chain muscles, and […]

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