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Meal Prep: Marinated Chicken, Wedges and Spinach

To compliment the blog I wrote last week about cardio and weight loss, this week’s food blog is about meal prep. If you can set aside a few hours on a Sunday night to prep meals for the next few days, then it can really help with adhering to your nutrition plan. My current macronutrient […]

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Ditching the Scales – Should You Focus on Weight?

Ditching the Scales! So many clients walk through the gym doors seeking a drop in the number of the scales. It is great to have a goal, but should you focus on your weight? Sometimes it is worth ditching the scales and making sure we have other, less weight-focused goals. Unfortunately we are all made […]

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Joe’s Top Cardio Tips

Cardio, the marmite of exercising. As I have recently begun prepping for my first physique competition, I’ve set myself the goal of losing around 12-14 pounds in 16 weeks. Previously I’ve strayed away from cardio and relied solely upon creating a caloric deficit through diet. An approach that I now personally think is slower and […]

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100 Reps Circuit

A cheeky, favourite circuit of mine. And I think enjoyed by many of our members too (maybe not all). Does 100 reps sound hard? Let’s call it “challenging”.  And you can make it as easy or as challenging as you like really. The circuit will take you 40-60 minutes to build up to 100 reps, […]

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Roasted tomato soup

Carrying on with the tomato theme from last week, here is a roasted tomato soup recipe to try. I also think I said that I would share it. But I do have a confession, I don’t really like tomatoes! Not raw ones anyway. I keep eating them though convinced that one day I will like […]

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Celebrating tomatoes

Apparently it’s British Tomato Week (21st-27th May) – who knew? This versatile vegetable (or is it a fruit?) is a staple in many diets, forming the base of innumerable dishes. Eaten raw, cooked, sun-dried, blended, as sauce or even drunk (bloody Mary anyone?). The list is endless. There are also more than 10,000 different varieties […]

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Which Diet Works The Best?

Weight Watchers? Atkins? Ketogenic? Cabbage soup? Paleo? Vegetarian? Mediterranean? You’ve likely heard of one or more of these diets. You may well have tried one or two. But which diet works the best? The question should be “best at what?”. Diet can be defined as “the food we habitually eat”. As in “junk food diet” […]

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Client Success Stories – Joanne Baranelli

It’s great to have an opportunity to share our client success stories – especially when they prove people wrong! Joanne is one such example. She proved that regardless of having her own business, she could make time to exercise and plan her food. She also showed us that it definitely does NOT slow down when […]

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Ieuan’s Outdoor Workout

The following workout is great to set up outdoors and perfect for the spell of weather we have had over the past weekend. The workout is easy and all you need is an outdoor space you can run 20-30m shuttles and minimal equipment to provide resistance. The outdoor workout hits several areas of fitness, including […]

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Sweet Potato Risotto

I’ve always said I don’t like risotto. But it’s weird, when I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten risotto. I don’t know if I’ve got it into my head that I don’t like it. Or if I have actually tried it once, didn’t like it and blocked it from my mind. With […]

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Personal Training Success Story!

Val was one of my first personal training clients after starting at motive8 back in September. I think she may have had some apprehensions initially with me being a new personal trainer. But I too felt some pressure to do a good job and not let her down. Luckily, we built a great relationship and […]

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Heavy Weight HIIT

What do you do when you’re short on time, want to lift heavy AND want to get a good HIIT session in? Combine all three obviously! This week’s workout is a cheeky heavy weight HIIT. The trick is to go as heavy as possible without being too heavy. You want to get the reps in. […]

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5-4-3-2-1 Body Weight Circuit

Another body weight circuit you can do anytime, anywhere. I tested this body weight circuit workout in my class today so we’re good to go. As with all circuits, you work to your own ability. You can always adjust it to make it easier or harder. Circuits are are great way to get a full […]

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My Do It In 12 Journey – 3 Weeks To Go!

I can’t believe that there are only 3 weeks to go in my Do It In 12 journey! I’m not going to say it’s been perfect; there have definitely been highs and lows, moments of self-sabotage, a harsh word (or two), but also some real feel good moments. Lessons Learnt So Far Exercise needs to part […]

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Calorie Deficits & Weight Loss

Today we’re talking calorie deficits. Calories required to lose weight or in personal training terms what we would describe as being below your ‘maintenance’ calories or what most others would call being “on a diet”.  There is a ton of information out there on dieting. Some of it useful. A LOT of it complete quack or junk!!!. […]

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